Class of 1961

The First Graduating Class of

Oakmont Regional High School

Here's a Chat Room especially for Class of '61 Classmates!

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Edith VineDorothy Tucker

First Oakmont Year Book1961 Year Book

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Ashburnham Memories                 Westminster Memories

Check Out the Chat Room especially for Class of '61 Classmates!

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By "clicking" on the name, you will be taken to the Yearbook page on which the individual appears.

Elaine Ruth Aldrich

Donna Louise Allard

Linda Mae Alvene

Susan Loretta Anderson

Richard Thomas Antil

Frances Rose Atherton

Mary Louise Bennett

Barbara Elaine Bergstrom

Donna Ruth Bliss

James Francis Braks

Mark Allen Buckman

David Buteau

Merrill Anne Cambell

Carol Lois Carlson

Charlie Clarkson #

Orren Clarkson

Allen Ray Creamer

Carol Ann Crossman

Arthur Wilhelm Dahlgren

Linda Maria Engman

Ronald Carl Ericson

Susan Kay Fagan

Kenneth Robert Florence

Marilyn Fay Gardner

Sandra Lois Godfrey

Lois Marilyn Heikkila

Silvia Orvokki Helve

Jeanne Louise Hennemann

Sue Hitchcock

Rae Susan Holt

JoAnn Innerasky

Shirley Ann Hurme

Barbara Emily Johnson

Dennis Andrew Johnson  (wp)

Mary Ann Kamila

Leo Francis LaSalle

David Lauricella

Karen Ellen Lindstrom

Bruce Everett Lizotte

Diane Helen Lundberg

Donna Lee MacNeill

Helen Marie Makela

Thomas Jacob Maki

Patricia May Malenfant

Frank John Moryl, Jr.

Ann Curtis Noble  (wp)

Elaine Cecelia Olechnicki

Patricia Grace Owen

Betsy Ann Owler

Marguerite Ethel Parmenter

William Eric Partanen

David Penttinen

Karen Linnea Poikonen

Patricia Ida Ragsdale

Douglas J. Rahaim

Judith Ann Reed

Gloria Belle Rhoades

John Kauko Samuli

Mildred Anne Sanford

Richard Nadin Scofield

Paul Lee Shea

Patricia Ann Skorko

Bette-Gene Strom

Wayne Federick Tuominen

William James Wallin

Linda Wiley

John Lloyd Williams

Betsey Ellen Wright

Jacky Zeek #

(*) = Deceased Classmate

(#) = Honorary Classmate

(wp) = Web Page

In Loving Memory of our Departed Classmates

In Memorium

Richard Thomas Antil       Francis Atherton

Barbara Elaine Bergstrom       Jimmy Braks

Merrill Ann Cambell       Orren Clarkson

Susan Kay Fagan       Rae Susan Holt

Barbara Emily Johnson        Helen Makela

Douglas Rahaim       Patricia Skorko

Wayne Tuominen       Betsey Ellen Wright

Some of our favorite tunes from the '50's

Top Pop Singles of 1961

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