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2013 - October 11th thru 13th

1st 6 Classes to graduate ('61 - '66)

Reunion Weekend

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The Oak

Reunion photos by David Kamila (Class of 65)

Class of 1961

Class of 1961

Back row: Tom Maki, Ann Noble, Charles Innis, Shirley Hurme

Front row: David Lauricella, Kenny Florence, Charles Clarkson

Class of 1962

Class of 1962

Back row: Linda Young, Mary Vincent, Pat Henstridge

Front row: Janet LeClair, Elaine Seppelin, Bill Lahtinen, Amy Linnus, Lorraine Bourgeois

Class of 1963

Class of 1963

Back row: Walter Wintturi, Mike Halloran, Joyce Hannula, Sally Wainonen, John Gamache, Clif Lawson, Ted McIntire, John Gruen

Middle row: Ray Vine, Betsy Aalto, Diane Puranen, Mary Bergevin, Linda Bradshaw, Diane Wiktorski, Ellen Engman, David O'Malley

Front row: Don Ross, Else Christiansen, Laila Jarvela, Sallyann Haynes, Marcella LeBlanc, Dottie Hickey, Barbara Bacon, Janice Buffone, Sharon Creamer

Class of 1964

Class of 1964

Back row: Kenny Haenisch, Ralph LeClair, Ginny VanHazinga, Mary Ella Aalto, Edith Ojala, Joseph (Junior) Landry

Front row: Susan Noble, Sandy Davis, Helen Linnus, Margaret Hickey, Patty Hickey, Bobby Salo, Sharon O'Hearn, Arthur LaBrack, Robert Cirillo

Class of 1965

Class of 1962

Back row: Mike Francis, Richey Wright, Bill Wilen, Jim Keurulainen, Larry Vine, Gary Leavenworth, Bob Chenevert, Daniel Fritzsche, Scott Ryder, Leonard Engman, Dave Kamila

Front row: Candi Crane, Marsha MacDonald, Nancy Landry, Katie Linnus, Sherry Maki, Pete Janhunen, Louise Leino Janhunen, Donna Adams, Harold Aho

Class of 1966

Class of 1963

Back row: Kenneth Laaksonen, Duane (Dewey) Lashua

Middle row: Joan Sutela, Barbara Winters, Ann Williams, Donna Fitzpatrick, Sally Savage, Jennifer Wilcox, Evelyn Seppelin, Earl Johnson

Front row: Terry McKenney, Linda Walker, Chris Waskewicz, James Walker, Jeanne Bois, Russell Phelps, Janice Aho, Linda Dube

Reunion 'Candid' Photos - Courtesy of Joyce Hannula

basket donated

Friday- Katy (Linnus) Heiniluoma ('65) won the basket donated by Don Ross ('63)


Saturday- Tour of Oakmont

(Photos from "Dewey" ('66) and Diane Lashua)


Saturday- Tour of Oakmont -"Butch" Winturri ('63) -and others


Saturday- Tour of Oakmont


Saturday- Check in at the Country Club

Amy (Linnus) Engman ('62), Ellen Engman ('63), Helen (Linnus) Paajanen ('64) and Vicky (Linnus) Engman


It's almost midnight and most of the guests have gone home, but these classmates are not ready to end the fun. Janice Buffone ('63) and Frans Weits, John Gruen ('63) and Sally Savage ('66), Elaine Seppelin ('62) & Paul Brown and yours truly (Joyce Hannula), the green and black blur in front.

Photo by Katy Heiniluoma

Reunion 'Candid' Photos - Courtesy of Evie Seppelin Baird ('66) & Jeanne Bois Savaria

Photos from Jeanne (Bois) Savaria

Fri_nite1   Fri_nite2

Friday- Linda Dube and Jeanne ('66)

Photos from Evie Seppelin Baird ('66)

Sat_nite1   Sat_nite2

From left: Ann Williams, Donna Fitzpatrick, Joan Sutela,           Walker Cousins: Jim Walker & Linda (Walker) Malizia

Barb Winters, Linda Dube  Back: Evie Seppelin & Jen Wilcox

Sat_nite3   Sat_nite4

Sat_nite5   Sat_nite6

   Donna Fitzpatrick ('66) and John Gruen ('63)                       Janet (LeClair) Lauricella ('62) & sisters, Elaine

                                                                                                (Seppelin) Brown ('62) & Evie (Seppelin) Baird ('66)

"High School Sweethearts"                                      "Happiness! Dancing was a blast!"

Sat_nite7   Sat_nite8

                       Janet & David Lauricella                             Diane Wiktorski & Joyce (Kamila) Hannula ('63)

Reunion 'Candid' Photos - Courtesy of Linda (Bradshaw) Bordeaux ('63)

Fri_niteB1   Fri_niteB2

Fri_niteB3   Fri_niteB4

Sharon (Creamer) Rankin, Ellen Engman ('63) &                            Linda (Bradshaw) Bordeaux ('63)

                                                                                         & Sally (Wainonen) Newman

Fri_niteB5   Fri_niteB6

                                                                                        Linda, Diane Wiktorski & Sally Ann (Haynes) Dunton ('63)

Fri_niteB7   Fri_niteB8

Linda & Amy Linnus Engman ('62)                             "Big Brother Bob" Bradshaw ('66)

Fri_niteB9   Betsy

                                                                                       At Betsy Hannula's -Saturday afternoon

Saturday Oakmont Tour - Courtesy of Linda (Bradshaw) Bordeaux ('63)

Oak_tour1   Oak_tour2

Oak_tour3   Oak_tour4

Reunion 'Candid' Photos - Courtesy of Ted McIntire ('63)

fri_ night_TM

Mike Halloran ('63)

fri_ night_TM1   fri_ night_TM2

                      David O'Malley ('63)                                                          Greeting Norman Fredette

fri_ night_TM3   fri_ night_TM4

                  Frans and Janice (Buffone) Weits ('63)

Saturday Night

sat_ night_TM   sat_ night_TM1

sat_ night_TM2   sat_ night_TM3

sat_ night_TM4   sat_ night_TM5

sat_ night_TM6   sat_ night_TM7

sat_ night_TM8

Raffle Table

Breakfast Sunday

sunday_TM   sunday_TM1

sunday_TM2   sunday_TM3

sunday_TM4   sunday_TM5



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